Megan Whiteaker

Get to know your Artist

Megan has been a Licensed tattoo artist for approximately 3 years, favorite styles of tattooing are Realism, 3D, and script.  She has loved all forms of art since she was a child.  Megan has worked in the Nursing field for the past 15 years, but wanted to find a way to help people in an "artistic" way.  Nursing was very rewarding, but just wasn't cutting it.  So she took things to an entirely new level.  She opened her first tattoo studio in September of 2015, offering many discounts to service members of all kinds and the elderly, yes some find it funny that it says "Senior Discounts" on the front window of the studio.  That's just how much she loves the elderly.  Working in the nursing field and being in a military family, she extended her discounts there as well.  Megan also has a love for firearms, so anyone with a Concealed Carry Permit also gets a discount.

Megan is married to David Whiteaker who owns J.D.T. Muscle Car Parts here in Des Moines.  They have 5 children, Tyler, Jakob, Chloe, Lily, and Roady.